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My Deathwing custom resculpt pony, from the game series, “World of Warcraft”.

Deathwing STARTED his life out as a G3 My Little Pony, and has been resculpted with Aves Studios Apoxie Sculpt, painted with simple craft acrylics and a red glow in the dark paint that also reacts to black lights ( eyes are coated in a simple yellow glow paint ), and sealed with a high gloss varnish.

The black paint has been mixed with a touch of pearlized powder, which is NORMALLY used for soaps, but I LOVE the iridescent effect it creates when mixed with craft acrylic paints.

His tail is studded with a line of swarovski crystals… just because I have a thing for putting crystals in all of my custom resculpts. XP

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